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Thwarted by Hamsters
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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
12:22 am
Farewell to all that
I'm not going to Ardgour any more, through circumstances beyond either my control or desire.  It's been a bad day generally, what with my headphones slightly broken and various other annoyances; those who know me well will realize that losing headphones changes my lifestyle radically.

Certain people have expressed the desire to postpone the Hamster event until after Ardgour so I can join in; I'm overwhelmingly in favour of playing some stonking bass parts, but if a reduced set of people still want to play Hamster songs at Ardgour, that is just fine by me and you should probably tell me here.

However, the final rock opera will definitely be completed -- I've been scribbling down some great ideas for songs, so keep watching.  I've got enthusiastic about this project and since I can't go on holiday, I might as well still have fun with rock.

In other news, I had no idea Bowie could write anything like this.  I am all agog, and as I was telling someone just now, that's not an expression I'm given to using lightly.

Current Mood: disappointed
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
3:49 am
Life On Mars

Watching Life On Mars has convinced me of a number of things:

  • Nothing sounds quite as loud and dangerous as early-seventies rock.
  • I am writing a musical.
  • About hamsters.
  • I cannot possibly pass up a chance like this.
  • Thwarted By Hamsters will be loud, and have massive hubristic bass parts, vast mellow electric piano parts, huge harmonies, powerful driving rhythms ...
  • ... and no drums, which will require a lot of extra pounding from the bassists.

Prepare to rock.

Current Mood: 1973
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
6:16 am
Thwarted By Hamsters

So very tired.  Must sleep soon.  Brain hates me.

Hamsters of Freedom (PDF)

I sing most of this, everyone sings the end part and eventually said end part will be set in four-part harmony, although probably not any time soon.

A quick straw-poll of the musicians here:  Do you think I'm including too much rhythmic detail in this?  The same basic melody holds for all three verses, but varies slightly with lyrics.  Should I just represent the whole lot as quavers and try and find a way to print verse lyrics in blocks, instead of this mass of stave?

Superhero is taking longer than I thought, but an instrumental fragment at the beginning is to be found here:

Superhero (PDF)

Prepare for liftoff.

Friday, February 17th, 2006
4:24 pm

Thanks to the suggestion of purplepiano and gnimmel, I have started using a musical markup program called LilyPond.  I've used it to transcribe some of the song about Belflor.

Belflor (PDF)

libellum, the top stave shows the kazoo and sax line.  Pick whichever part seems more saxophonic to you.  smhwpf, can you read music?  If so, can you sing this?

There will be complete scores available eventually.  randomchris and purplepiano, would you prefer full stave piano music or shall I give you chords and let you improvise something rockin'?

1:42 am
Brief plot update
I'm working on a two-part medley to go in the middle somewhere, possibly leading into the recitative section (of which more hereafter).  Broadly, some time ago, while scooting around Greenwich Park with a couple of very good friends, I developed a character called BelflorBelflor is a gnat with a wingspan of eighty metres or so.  Dr. Adolphus Petal von Ratfink will unleash him on an unsuspecting world, in the mistaken belief that sending an eighty-metre gnat out on the rampage will somehow bring him infinite power.  Actually it just tries to bite the Post Office tower, and HamsterMan and SuperLemming have to save the day, with a lot of help from the entire remaining cast.

The theme for Belflor is, obviously, fairly metal-oriented.  libellum, I need your saxophone on this -- are you happy to duet with a kazooist (me)?  smhwpf, you'll be singing it mainly, although the number it leads into will be a chorus number with much prog styling.  libellum, I'm totally up for a glam solo here if you feel able to give it some.

Assuming there are no sudden cast changes over the next few days, I'm hoping to have the plot congeal into some kind of a workable shape soon, and mp3s as soon as I have the energy.

I've also downloaded a package for MiKTEX called MusiXTEX, which may or may not assist me to typeset this thing for download.  Any TEX gurus out there are warmly invited to tell me How To Do It, and otherwise I shall be relying on Donald Knuth's The TEXbook, which, although superb, doesn't specifically cover musical typesetting.

Cadet Wyld Out.
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
3:21 am
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
1:28 am
Thwarted by Hamsters

Thwarted By Hamsters

Provisional Cast of Characters

Provision being made for last-minute Additions and Subtractions to the published list as determined by the cast members and their desires.

Dr. Adolphus Petal von Ratfink, a Rat and Villain of the vilest Proclivities:

Mr. Samuel Perlo-Freeman

HamsterMan, a Hamster of extraordinary Powers:

Mr. Christopher Jackson

SuperLemming, a Lemming similarly so endowed:

Miss Lynette Dray

Roborovskii Rula Romanova, a Hamster of exotic Origin:

Miss Lucy Kennedy

Todd Hamstar III, Owner of Hamstar Communications, a Playboy Millionaire never seen in the same Room as HamsterMan:

Mr. Christopher Hutchings

Doris Wheelrunner, Todd's childhood Sweetheart:

Mrs. Ash Burns

Ham Hamssen, a Hamster of resolute Spirit:

Mr. Mark Simmonds

Greta Gerbil, a Rodent seeking Solitude:

Mrs. Elinor Metcalfe

Eddie Jird, a Jird with a fine Moustache noted for Swashbucklery and Derring-Do:

Mr. Nicholas Metcalfe

Scranlet, an Assistant in Villainy and Perfidy and a Purveyor of shady Confectionery:

Miss Catriona Mackay

Greetberg, an Assistant Assistant in Villainy and Perfidy and Apprentice to Scranlet:

Miss Sally Clough

Modest Mouseorgsky, scruffy Oik, raving Hippie and Narrator of the Tail:

Mr. Kenneth Barraclough

And other such Characters played by Actors and Actresses to be announced in the Fulness of Time.

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