Andrew (andrewwyld) wrote in thwartedhamster,

Thwarted By Hamsters

So very tired.  Must sleep soon.  Brain hates me.

Hamsters of Freedom (PDF)

I sing most of this, everyone sings the end part and eventually said end part will be set in four-part harmony, although probably not any time soon.

A quick straw-poll of the musicians here:  Do you think I'm including too much rhythmic detail in this?  The same basic melody holds for all three verses, but varies slightly with lyrics.  Should I just represent the whole lot as quavers and try and find a way to print verse lyrics in blocks, instead of this mass of stave?

Superhero is taking longer than I thought, but an instrumental fragment at the beginning is to be found here:

Superhero (PDF)

Prepare for liftoff.

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