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Life On Mars

Watching Life On Mars has convinced me of a number of things:

  • Nothing sounds quite as loud and dangerous as early-seventies rock.
  • I am writing a musical.
  • About hamsters.
  • I cannot possibly pass up a chance like this.
  • Thwarted By Hamsters will be loud, and have massive hubristic bass parts, vast mellow electric piano parts, huge harmonies, powerful driving rhythms ...
  • ... and no drums, which will require a lot of extra pounding from the bassists.

Prepare to rock.

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Deleted comment

Whoever wrote the first episode is a massive Bowie fan.  The way the phone ringing in Life On Mars mixes into an actual phone ringing ... genius.

I suspect a large part of the raison d'être for Life On Mars is probably how cool seventies cop shows are.

There is a very tentative plan to get an early seventies Ford Granada for the Toyin Melody and turn up to gigs in it, rolling out the doors and yelling "you're nicked, sunshine!"