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Brief plot update

I'm working on a two-part medley to go in the middle somewhere, possibly leading into the recitative section (of which more hereafter).  Broadly, some time ago, while scooting around Greenwich Park with a couple of very good friends, I developed a character called BelflorBelflor is a gnat with a wingspan of eighty metres or so.  Dr. Adolphus Petal von Ratfink will unleash him on an unsuspecting world, in the mistaken belief that sending an eighty-metre gnat out on the rampage will somehow bring him infinite power.  Actually it just tries to bite the Post Office tower, and HamsterMan and SuperLemming have to save the day, with a lot of help from the entire remaining cast.

The theme for Belflor is, obviously, fairly metal-oriented.  libellum, I need your saxophone on this -- are you happy to duet with a kazooist (me)?  smhwpf, you'll be singing it mainly, although the number it leads into will be a chorus number with much prog styling.  libellum, I'm totally up for a glam solo here if you feel able to give it some.

Assuming there are no sudden cast changes over the next few days, I'm hoping to have the plot congeal into some kind of a workable shape soon, and mp3s as soon as I have the energy.

I've also downloaded a package for MiKTEX called MusiXTEX, which may or may not assist me to typeset this thing for download.  Any TEX gurus out there are warmly invited to tell me How To Do It, and otherwise I shall be relying on Donald Knuth's The TEXbook, which, although superb, doesn't specifically cover musical typesetting.

Cadet Wyld Out.
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