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Farewell to all that

I'm not going to Ardgour any more, through circumstances beyond either my control or desire.  It's been a bad day generally, what with my headphones slightly broken and various other annoyances; those who know me well will realize that losing headphones changes my lifestyle radically.

Certain people have expressed the desire to postpone the Hamster event until after Ardgour so I can join in; I'm overwhelmingly in favour of playing some stonking bass parts, but if a reduced set of people still want to play Hamster songs at Ardgour, that is just fine by me and you should probably tell me here.

However, the final rock opera will definitely be completed -- I've been scribbling down some great ideas for songs, so keep watching.  I've got enthusiastic about this project and since I can't go on holiday, I might as well still have fun with rock.

In other news, I had no idea Bowie could write anything like this.  I am all agog, and as I was telling someone just now, that's not an expression I'm given to using lightly.
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I think the hamsters are your baby and should wait till you can instruct them. :) There will be plenty to do at Ardgour even without them! Sorry you won't be there.
I had never intended the whole thing to seem quite so dependent on my existence, but I'll take this as another vote!

I hope you lot have a jam session even still.