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Thwarted by Hamsters

Thwarted By Hamsters

Provisional Cast of Characters

Provision being made for last-minute Additions and Subtractions to the published list as determined by the cast members and their desires.

Dr. Adolphus Petal von Ratfink, a Rat and Villain of the vilest Proclivities:

Mr. Samuel Perlo-Freeman

HamsterMan, a Hamster of extraordinary Powers:

Mr. Christopher Jackson

SuperLemming, a Lemming similarly so endowed:

Miss Lynette Dray

Roborovskii Rula Romanova, a Hamster of exotic Origin:

Miss Lucy Kennedy

Todd Hamstar III, Owner of Hamstar Communications, a Playboy Millionaire never seen in the same Room as HamsterMan:

Mr. Christopher Hutchings

Doris Wheelrunner, Todd's childhood Sweetheart:

Mrs. Ash Burns

Ham Hamssen, a Hamster of resolute Spirit:

Mr. Mark Simmonds

Greta Gerbil, a Rodent seeking Solitude:

Mrs. Elinor Metcalfe

Eddie Jird, a Jird with a fine Moustache noted for Swashbucklery and Derring-Do:

Mr. Nicholas Metcalfe

Scranlet, an Assistant in Villainy and Perfidy and a Purveyor of shady Confectionery:

Miss Catriona Mackay

Greetberg, an Assistant Assistant in Villainy and Perfidy and Apprentice to Scranlet:

Miss Sally Clough

Modest Mouseorgsky, scruffy Oik, raving Hippie and Narrator of the Tail:

Mr. Kenneth Barraclough

And other such Characters played by Actors and Actresses to be announced in the Fulness of Time.

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